The Ten Essentials

Delays or changes in weather can cause emergencies. Even on short day hikes, each person should take and know how to use these items:

  1. Navigation - Topographic map and compass.
  2. Food - Extra food and water. Boiling water kills giardia; treatment pills may not.
  3. Clothing - Extra clothing, including rain gear, wool socks, sweater, gloves, and hat.
  4. Light - Flashlight with spare bulb and batteries.
  5. Fire - Waterproof matches and fire starter, such as a candle.
  6. Sun Protection - Sunglasses and sunscreen.
  7. First Aid - Aid kit including any special medications you may need.
  8. Knife - A folding pocket knife.
  9. Signal - Audible & Visual: whistle & metal mirror.
  10. Emergency Shelter - Plastic tube shelter or waterproof bivouac sack.



Be smart, be safe. Come back

Hiking can be dangerous. Know your limits. The information provided on NWHikes is for informational purposes only. Be sure to check other sources and know the conditions when you venture out on your hike. Remember, you are responsible for your safety.

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