Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful area full of many hiking opportunities. Whether you are looking for something close to town, want to get away from it all deep in the mountains, or are looking for something in between, NWHikes has a hike for you.


Hike NameDistanceDifficulty
4th of July7.3More Difficult
Al Emerson Nature Trail0.5Easy
Albert Camp8.5More Difficult
Alger Alp1.7Easy
Altapes Creek Trail1.5Easy
Anderson Butte1.5More Difficult
Anderson Lakes5.0More Difficult
Andrews Creek15.5Easy
Angel Pass1.5More Difficult
Annette Lake3.9More Difficult
Antoine4.2More Difficult
Arch Rock3.1More Difficult
Artist Ridge1.0Easy
Asahel Curtis Nature Trail1.3Easy
Ashland Lakes3.5Easy
Bagely Lakes1.5Easy
Bagley Lakes1.5Unknown
Baker Lake Trail8.0Easy
Baker River Trail6.0Easy
Bald Eagle9.5Strenuous
Bald Mountain3.0Easy
Barclay Lake2.2Easy
Bare Mountain4.3More Difficult
Barlow Point Trail2.4More Difficult
Basin Creek6.0More Difficult