The Ten Essentials

Hiking Gear | Photo Credit: Alice Donovan-Rouse, c/o Unsplash

Delays or changes in weather can cause emergencies. Even on short day hikes, each person should take and know how to use these items:

  1. Navigation - Topographic map and compass.
  2. Food - Extra food and water. Boiling water kills giardia; treatment pills may not.
  3. Clothing - Extra clothing, including rain gear, wool socks, sweater, gloves, and hat.
  4. Light - Flashlight with spare bulb and batteries.
  5. Fire - Waterproof matches and fire starter, such as a candle.
  6. Sun Protection - Sunglasses and sunscreen.
  7. First Aid - Aid kit including any special medications you may need.
  8. Knife - A folding pocket knife.
  9. Signal - Audible & Visual: whistle & metal mirror.
  10. Emergency Shelter - Plastic tube shelter or waterproof bivouac sack.