Champoeg Trail

Difficulty Distance Elevation Gain
 Easy 1.0 Miles One-way


From I-5, take exit 278 and head west following signs to Champoeg State Park. The trail heads from Pioneer Mothers Cabin Museum to the Oak Grove Day Use area.


Prior to 1840, the Champoeg prairie was home to Kalapuya Indians, who used the area for hunting, fishing, and gathering camas bulbs. Fur trappers first visited Champooick, as the are was known by Indians, in 1811. The Williamette Post was established in 1813 to serve the trappers. Some decided to settle here.

The Seeds of Government
In 1841, "Wolf Meetings" were held to discuss predator problems. Eventually, the meetings were turned to creation of a government. On May 2, 1843, settlers voted 52 to 50 to establish a provisional government.

Transportation Hub
In 1844, the provisional government moved to Oregon City. Champoeg's location on the river made it a regular stop for stagecoaches and steamboats. By the end of the 1850s, the town had grown to 60 buildings and a population of 200. In 1861, a flood washed away most of the wooden buildings, and the townsite was abandoned. Champoeg remained as an important transportation link until another disasterous flood led to its total abandonment in 1892.