Hike Listing

Hike Name Info Distance Difficulty
Sterling Munro WA  0.5 Miles One-way  Accessible
Skagit River Loop WA  1.8 Miles Loop  Accessible
Shadow of the Sentinels WA  623 0.5 Miles Round-trip  Accessible
Rock Shelter Trail WA  0.3 Miles Round-trip  Accessible
Pinnacles Trail OR  1.0 Miles Round-trip  Accessible
Picture Lake WA  735 0.5 Miles Loop  Accessible
Lost Creek OR  776 0.3 Miles One-way  Accessible
Happy Creek WA  0.3 Miles Loop  Accessible
Guemes Channel Trail WA  MP 2 Miles Round-trip  Accessible
Gorge Overlook Loop WA  0.5 Miles Loop  Accessible
Godfrey Glen OR  1.0 Miles Loop  Accessible
Fire and Ice WA  684.2 0.5 Miles Loop  Accessible
Bogachiel Trail WA  825 1.7 Miles One-way  Accessible
Artist Ridge WA  669 1.0 Miles One-way  Accessible