Hike Listing

Hike Name Info Distance Difficulty
Rock Shelter Trail WA  0.3 Miles Round-trip  Accessible
Happy Creek WA  0.3 Miles Loop  Accessible
Gorge Overlook Loop WA  0.5 Miles Loop  Accessible
Pinnacles Trail OR  1.0 Miles Round-trip  Accessible
Bogachiel Trail WA  825 1.7 Miles One-way  Accessible
Skagit River Loop WA  1.8 Miles Loop  Accessible
Artist Ridge WA  669 1.0 Miles One-way  Accessible
Picture Lake WA  735 0.5 Miles Loop  Accessible
Fire and Ice WA  684.2 0.5 Miles Loop  Accessible
Shadow of the Sentinels WA  623 0.5 Miles Round-trip  Accessible
Lost Creek OR  776 0.3 Miles One-way  Accessible
Sterling Munro WA  0.5 Miles One-way  Accessible
Godfrey Glen OR  1.0 Miles Loop  Accessible
Guemes Channel Trail WA  MP 2 Miles Round-trip  Accessible
13 Mile WA  23 16.5 Miles One-way  Difficult
Clackamas River OR  715 15.6 Miles Round-trip  Difficult
Dry Ridge OR  518 12 Miles Round-trip  Difficult
Upper Salmon River OR  742 6.0 Miles Loop  Difficult
Oak Ridge OR  688A 2.4 Miles One-way  Difficult
Marble Creek WA  2.0 Miles Round-trip  Difficult
Laurel Hill Chute OR  759A 1.0 Miles Round-trip  Difficult
Hidden Lake OR  779 4.0 Miles One-way  Difficult
Clear Creek OR  487 1.9 Miles One-way  Difficult
Eightmile Loop OR  496 6.2 Miles Loop  Difficult
Flag Mountain OR  766 4.2 Miles Round-trip  Difficult